Service projects are a staple of kids’ ministries, for good reason. Service projects nurture a child’s natural inclination to help and share their love with others, especially those in need. By getting involved in service projects, kids begin to see that they can make a difference—and have fun at the same time. We have the opportunity to help children learn to live out Jesus’ commands to love our neighbor and get a vision for how to reach our community with the gospel.

This year, consider one of these seasonal-themed service projects to get your kids involved in giving of their time and efforts.


Harvest Community Night

A church in Illinois wanted to spread some harvest cheer to serve people in their town. Ahead of time, club members baked lots of cookies. On the big night, they took a hayride around their village. They stopped at the fire station and village clerk’s house to drop off plates of cookies and say thanks. Then they delivered cookies to the ambulance crew and Lions Club members.

Even if you can’t do a hayride, you can have harvest fun by coming back to the church after your deliveries and enjoying hot cider and cider doughnuts. Have some corn stalks and pumpkins for decorations. Give a brief devotional on Galatians 6:9 about the harvest we reap when we do good.

Raking Leaves

Rake leaves at the church or for people in your community.

School Supplies

Organize a backpack and school supplies drive for children and schools in your area. Connect with local schools or your county offices to find recipients.


Baby Shower for Jesus

Another Pioneer Clubs group got creative and used the children’s “shares” to purchase diapers, wipes, bottles, and formula for a local crisis pregnancy center. They also collected donations. The club leaders gathered all the goods and placed them in the fellowship hall for everyone to see. Then in December, they held a baby shower for Jesus. They had an opening prayer and a Scripture reading before donating the materials. Share Scriptures about the magi bringing gifts for baby Jesus. Or find an illustrated children’s book about his birth to share with your group.

Kids love traditions. It could turn out that a seasonal service project you try at club will become an annual favorite.

Nursing Home Visit

Often nursing homes have more offers from groups to come visit at Christmas than at any other time – but few offers the rest of the year. Ideas:

  • Snow Fun – See if there’s a long window where residents could line up and watch the kids outside making snowmen for them. Residents and kids can wave at each other. Then let kids take pans of snow indoors for the residents to sculpt.
  • Singalong – Help your kids plan a singalong of choruses and hymns.
  • Craft – Plan a simple craft that children can help the residents make.