Name Circle

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 4+

After introductions, players stand in a circle. One player starts by calling out someone’s name. The player whose name was called must quickly say the name of another player. The game continues until someone hesitates to call another name.


Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: 4+

Call players’ names and have them respond by telling the best or worst things that happened to them in the past week. Players may say “pass” if they want. Options: favorite food, favorite animal, favorite summer activity, something that makes you happy and so on.

Call Ball

Age-Group: Grade 1+
Number of Players: 4+

Review club members’ names. Form a circle. The caller stands in the center, holding a ball. The caller calls someone’s name and throws the ball straight up. The person who was called runs to catch the ball after it bounces one time. The catcher then becomes the new caller.