These games are great for helping your club members get to know each other now that the club year has started for most churches.

Pasta Pals

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: 6+

Mix together equal numbers of different shapes of dry pasta (elbows, shells, bow ties, spirals, etc.). You’ll need as many pieces of pasta as there are players. (Use a small number of shapes if the group is small.) Toss the pasta mix onto the ground, telling players to pick up a piece and then find the others who have the same shape.

Variation: use mixed dried beans (navy, lima, split pea, etc.)

Autograph Search

Age-Group: Grade 2+
Number of Players: 6+

As players arrive, give each a paper with statements listed on it and a pencil. Players find out who fits a particular statement on the paper and then have that person sign underneath the statement. Establish a time limit and the club member(s) with the most autographs wins.  Use statements like, “someone who is wearing glasses”; “a person who is left handed”; “someone who has blue eyes.”


Age-Group: Grade 2+
Number of players: 6+

Give some players a yellow card to wear on their shirt, and give others a blue card. On each blue card is written a word that has a counterpart on one of the yellow cards (night/day; salt/pepper; cat/dog; black/white, etc.).

Variation: Write names of animals on the tags, using each animal twice. Players find their partners by making their animal noise.