Puppet Story

Use puppets to tell the Christmas story. Let children draw the characters on paper plates. Then read the story from Luke 2 and help children decide how to move the puppets. Consider having a couple of rehearsals and then putting on a puppet show for parents.

Meaningful Christmas Carols

Children may hear Christmas carols over and over but not know what all the words mean. Sing Christmas carols (more than one verse!) and talk about them phrase by phrase. “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night” are great options for your little ones. For older children, try “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “Angels from the Realms of Glory,” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”

Christmas Card Gift Bags

Provide plain brown gift bags with handles. Gather lots of old Christmas cards that have to do with the true meaning of Christmas. Each child chooses a Christmas card, mats it on construction paper, and glues it to a gift bag. Provide other decorating supplies (glitter glue, stickers, etc.) as desired.

While children work, ask them to take turns telling how their Christmas card has to do with the true meaning of Christmas.

Cookie Gifts

Help children make and decorate cut-out star cookies. Each child wraps some cookies in red or green plastic wrap and closes the top with a twist tie.

Download, print and cut apart the “Star Stories” ahead of time. Read the story and let children fill in any other details they know about. Children fold the story into a small card shape so the words are inside. They decorate the outside as desired. They punch a hole in the top left and thread ribbon through the hole. Finally they tie the ribbon around the cookie package to cover the twist tie. Suggest that they give their star cookies to their family or a friend and tell them the story of the Christmas star.

Toy Drive

Introduce your club members to a toy drive your church sponsors, such as Toys for Tots or Angel Tree. Encourage them to bring some money to put toward a gift. Leave time to show them what they have helped buy before it needs to be turned in.

Manger Mural

Spread out a long piece of butcher paper and divide it into sections so that all children can work on drawing a part of the Nativity scene: sheep on a hillside, shepherds looking up, angels appearing to the shepherds, houses in the town, the manger scene, animals nearby, the road to town, wise men on their journey. If your club is large, complete two murals: one with the shepherds and manger scene and one with the manger scene and wise men.