Six Super Recruiting Ideas

Every kid’s ministry program needs volunteers to run it. Finding people who genuinely want to serve kids and teach them about the love of Jesus can be a challenge. Try to stay positive in the process. You are helping people find a place in their church where they can serve the Lord. Now that’s an exciting endeavor! Try these tips for finding volunteers.

1. Pray for the volunteers that God would have you approach about serving in your ministry. Also ask potential leaders to pray about serving.

2. Grow a culture that celebrates leaders. Celebrate your  leaders in front of the congregation, parents and kids. Show lots of appreciation for your leaders and be sure everyone knows the impact they’re having on kids—others may want to be a part of what’s going on.

3. Look beyond parents. While parents make great leaders, you can introduce other positive role models. For example, seniors have more discretionary time and can contribute skills and experience for leading your group or helping with projects or events. Singles are often looking for a deeper connection to the church, and involvement with a team of leaders is an attractive option. How about young couples and empty nesters?

4. Try social media. Consider putting your kids ministry on Facebook or Twitter. Invite leaders, pastoral staff, parents and others to become fans.

5. Keep former leaders connected through volunteering for special events, field trips or other activities. When their circumstances change, they may be ready to become leaders again.

6. Recruit one-on-one, in a relaxed atmosphere. Take the potential leader out for coffee. Have sample curriculum available to review. Follow up with an email or call in a few days for an answer.

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