Service projects are a staple of kids’ ministries, for good reason. Service projects nurture a child’s natural inclination to help and share their love with others, especially those in need. By getting involved in service projects, kids begin to see that they can make a difference—and have fun at the same time. We have the opportunity to help children learn to live out Jesus’ commands to love our neighbor.

This year, consider one of these seasonal-themed service projects to get your kids involved in giving of their time and efforts.


Church Garden

A club with only 10 children found they could make a big difference in their church. For one of their awards involving a community service project, they made a garden between the church sanctuary and the Sunday school building. They planted beautiful flowers, including roses. They added an arch trellis and a bench. It became a special place for people to sit and pray or meditate. In the bulletin, the church announced the children’s work and encouraged people to visit the garden.

If your church doesn’t need a garden, perhaps another building or organization in your community does. Or try planting potted flowers for seniors.

Kids love traditions. It could turn out that a seasonal service project you try at club will become an annual favorite.

Animal Shelter

Kids love animals! Visit a local animal shelter to help walk dogs, play with the cats and clean cages. Consider collecting donations of pet food, blankets and towels to bring with you, or making and delivering dog biscuits. Pair the visit with a skill activity unit on animals or critters. Lead a devotional on Genesis 1 and Psalm 104.


Clean Up a Park

Help clean up litter around a local park or community area. Bring lemonade and sandwiches or grill hotdogs for those who helped.

Beautify the Neighborhood

Connect with local schools and small businesses. Do any need any mulch spread? Or weeds pulled? Arrange a time have mulch delivered and bring a variety of gloves, rakes, wheelbarrows and shovels.

Provide Refreshments

Is there a local 5K race or parade that goes by your church? Consider hosting a booth that provides refreshments such as water or energy bars. Have kids help decorate and staff the booth. Make the church’s bathrooms available during the event. Kids can help pick up any trash and clean up after the event.