Warmer weather is on its way! This brings an opportunity to take your club kids outdoors to worship and praise God through His creation. Remind them of Romans 1:20 where God’s invisible qualities, power and nature can be understood through the things He has made. Make a point of asking your kids what they can learn about Him through items they find in nature.

The following ideas will get you started:

Do a Bible Exploration on creation. Have club members read Matthew 6:26, Luke 12:6-7. Ask questions such as:

  • How does God show that he cares about his creation?
  • How do we know that we are valuable to God?

Or have your club members read Psalm 104:10-17, 24. Ask them:

  • Why do they think the psalm writer said God was wise when he created the world around us?
  • How can we show God that we are thankful for the plants and animals he has given us?

Go outside. Now that it’s warmer, consider having a special club meeting outside. Children love the outdoors and you can teach them about God’s creation while doing something fun like a Bible times picnic. Serve the foods that people may have eaten in the Bible like unleavened bread (matza) and honey, dates or raisins and grape juice. Serve your picnic on a blanket spread out on the ground. Discuss the creation you see around you.

Have fun with a creation skit. Read the biblical account of creation (Genesis 1-2:3). Then have the children role play the parts of creation—one child is light, another darkness—separate them; other children can be water, land, plants, animals etc. Pioneer Clubs also offers a number of fun skits that club members can perform.

Try a nature project. Bring the outside indoors with an Indoor Greenhouse. You will need 2 clear 2-liter milk containers, sand, soil, seeds, and scissors. Cut one bottle so that the bottom is about 4 inches (10 cm) high. This is the base. Cut the second bottle so the bottom is about 9 inches (23 cm) high. This is the lid. Put a small amount of sand in bottom of base. Add soil and seeds, and water them. Squeeze the lid over the base to create your own greenhouse. Put in a sunny place, and wait for plants to appear. For more fun crafts and projects order Easy to Make Projects (Item #2723).

Bring your game time outside. When it’s time to play games at Pioneer Clubs—go outside! Play “Fishing” where two players form a “net” by clasping both hands. They then try to catch a “fish” (another player) in this net. When they catch one, the three of them form a net or circle. When they catch a fourth player, the four of them become two nets. This continues until all the “fish” are caught. Limit the playing area so that the fish will not be too scattered. – From Games Galore (Item #2724)