Recognize club members and others while having fun at a family picnic!

Do Ahead

  • Invite parents. Decide if your picnic will be indoors or outdoors.
  • Ask parents to bring outdoor folding chairs. (Or plan to set up tables to eat at.) Set up serving tables.
  • Ask each club member to complete this sentence: “One of the most important things I learned in Pioneer Clubs was _______.”
  • Invite the youth group leader to explain youth group.


  • Spring Rain Relay. Race in oversized boots and raincoats.
  • Bubbles. Bring containers of bubble solution and let club members simply have fun blowing bubbles.
  • Rubber Ducky Races. Spring is the time for ducklings! Set up water-filled rain gutters to race ducks along. Each contestant pushes the duck to the finish line with his or her nose. (Indoor version: Players push ducks with their noses along the floor.)
  • Ducky Dunk. Mark numbers 1-3 on the bottom of a bunch of ducks and dump them in a kiddie pool of water. Stir them up, and let picnickers choose one. Award small prizes for #1 ducks, bigger ones for #2 and the biggest for #3. (Indoor version: Divide ducks up among several dishpans.)
  • Ducky Feet. Have kids try to remove ducks from a kiddie pool with their feet. (Indoor version: Let players try to move ducks from one empty dishpan to another.)
  • Splash Rope. Two players turn a long jump rope. Hand two jumpers a full cup of water apiece and see who has the most water remaining after a set number of jumps.


  • Sandwiches. Supply ham and turkey slices, cheese slices, a choice of crusty bread or hamburger buns, and bowls of toppings to choose from: lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo, green peppers, pineapple slices, cucumber slices.
  • Sides. Have half of the families bring a side dish and half bring a dessert.
  • Beverages. Serve lemonade and sweet and unsweet iced tea.


Who has heard the expression “April showers bring May flowers”? Hold up a raincoat and flower. Spring is a time to celebrate new life. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, baby birds are singing, baby ducks (show rubber duck) are learning to swim, all in a line behind their moms.

  • What do you like to celebrate in the springtime?

A celebration that Pioneer Clubs has in the springtime is an award ceremony. We’re celebrating all the hard work you put in this year and all the fun you had earning Bible awards and activity awards. You learned many things about God and yourself and others. You learned many things about (name some activity award topics your groups worked on). I think God is very pleased to see us celebrating! He loves celebrations. Did you know he created a celebration for the Israelites that lasted seven whole days every year? It was called the Feast of Tabernacles. Here’s what God told them: Read Leviticus 23:40-41a. That sounds exciting! Today we are celebrating before the Lord, too. He is here with us! As you receive your awards, think of God’s being excited to celebrate your accomplishments with you. He loves a good celebration!

Award Ceremony

Celebrate various people during your award ceremony.

  • Club members. To stay with the spring picnic theme, attach each child’s awards to a helium balloon. Read their quotes (see Do Ahead) as you hand out the balloons with awards.
  • Graduating Club Members. Have the children graduating from your oldest club age-group go last. Add a small gift to their awards. Try Water Bottles (Item #6743) to stick with the picnic theme. Read their quotes (see Do Ahead). Say how much you have enjoyed having them in club. Introduce the youth group leader to welcome them and talk about what to expect in youth group.
  • Leaders. Spend some time recognizing club leaders for their good service. Print a Customized Service Certificate for each of them, found in the Club Coordinator Resources. Hand out Membership Pins (Item #7777) or Service Pins (Items #2762-2766) that highlight the number of years served. Have the pastor say a thank-you.
  • Pastor. Give the pastor an honorary Membership Pin (Item #7777). Name ways the pastor has been supportive (including Pioneer Clubs® in the church budget, announcing leadership needs form the pulpit, etc.).
  • Parents. Name ways parents have been supportive, without singling anyone out (getting their kids to club, helping kids review verses, providing snacks, etc.) Have everyone applaud.