Pick Up! God Is Calling!

Before the advent of caller I.D., I had various friends and relatives who didn’t see the need to identify themselves when they phoned me. “Hi!” they would say, confident that I would know who they were from that one word. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t! I had trouble distinguishing people I didn’t hear from very often.

Long before telephones, the same thing happened when someone unfamiliar called a boy named Samuel. Samuel didn’t recognize the voice.

Read 1 Samuel 3:1-11 for his story.

The Jewish historian Josephus tells us that Samuel was about 12 years old, not much older than your club members. Samuel had not yet had a direct experience with God, so he didn’t know who was calling. But did you notice? He was eager to answer. He ran to Eli.

The third time Samuel responded, the light bulb finally came on for Eli. God was calling. Eli was able to teach Samuel to hear His voice.

Isn’t that what we all want to do for the kids in our lives?

Research by the Barna Group shows that 43% of Americans who accept Jesus as Savior do so before age 13 and that 64% of born-again Christians became Christians before age 18. Also, Pioneer Clubs research shows that 50% of club members are not from the sponsoring church.

Your club members are right in the center of a window of opportunity for finding Jesus. Do they know Him? Do they recognize His voice? Some club leaders have found that, tragically, their kids have never heard Jesus’ name except as a swear word. At one church, the first time a little boy participated in a Bible Exploration, he said, “I’ve never held a Bible before.”

Through your Bible Explorations, through your Bible memory, even through your own care and concern, Jesus is calling your club members. What a wonderful opportunity you have as a club leader! An opportunity to point the way to Jesus. An opportunity to teach kids to hear His voice.

Club leaders often find kids are eager to respond. A new club member said, “I didn’t know that Jesus would forgive my sins before I came here.” A little boy was afraid of the sight of the cross when he first attended. A year later he was excited to talk about Jesus and how He died. “Ain’t it wonderful,” he said. “He’s alive now!”


Jesus, thank You that You are using me to help kids hear Your voice. You promise that my efforts aren’t in vain, even if I don’t see results right away. I will count on You to keep calling until the kids learn to know Your voice and respond.

Further Thoughts

How do you feel God used you to help kids hear His voice during the past club year? Did you help kids understand or memorize a Bible verse? Did you provide support for someone else who did? Were you Jesus “with skin on” when a child needed help or comfort?

Are you hearing God’s voice asking you to be a club leader again next year? How will you answer?