Encouraging the People Who Help with Your Ministry

Everyone needs recognition and you’re in a position to make a difference in the lives of your co-leader, club coordinator, parents and other club helpers. Small things can mean a lot to them as you let them know their help matters to you and the children. The suggestions below are categorized by type of person, but many of them will work for anyone.

For Your Co-leader:

  • Create an award to give to your co-leader to say thanks for some special quality or contribution (silly or serious). Ideas: Money Management Award (a framed coin or dollar bill) for taking care of the club budget; Critter Gitter Award (small stuffed animal) for chasing away a critter on the club campout; Super Glue Award (tube of glue) for helping your club develop a sense of unity.
  • Take a trip through the grocery store. Be creative and come up with items that you can use for a play on words. For instance, give a piece of fruit with a note attached that says, “We’ve seen the fruit of your work in club,” and list examples. Or give a bag of nuts with a note that says, “Your club members are nuts about you!”
  • Order a gift from the Pioneer Clubs catalog. Try a theme verse print (Item #6680) in a nice frame. Or maybe your leaders are more of the water bottle (Item #6743) type.

For Guests and Helpers:

Think of guest speakers, snack providers, people from the church or community who help with projects, even the custodian. It doesn’t hurt to go a little crazy spreading around the encouragement!

  • When guests come to help, take a picture of them with the children. Give each guest a photo signed by all the children.
  • Make certificates for other helpers, proclaiming them honorary club members.

For Parents:

Without parents’ permission for their children to attend, you wouldn’t have a club! And many parents do much more to help.

  • Help club members make thank-you cards for their parents, for letting them come to your program.
  • If you have the right setting, say a few words about appreciating their willingness to bring the kids to club each week or to help out. Have the kids turn, face the parents, and give them a standing ovation.
  • If parents come inside a foyer, etc. to pick up kids after club, decorate that area with thank you signs, balloons, streamers, etc.

For Your Club Coordinator:

  • Make a video of the children saying, “thank you.”
  • Have kids label paper, “Why I’m glad we had club” and draw a picture of their favorite activity. Have them sign their pictures with “Thanks!” and their names.