Thank You, Club Leaders!

The end of the club year is here! Try one or more of these ideas to show club leaders they’re appreciated.

Most club leaders aren’t serving in Pioneer Clubs for the recognition. If asked, they would probably say something like “We just want to see the kids learn about God and grow!” But we all feel grateful when we’re appreciated, so take some time to recognize your leaders for their efforts this year.

Campfire Time

Find someone with a portable fire pit, or use wood, crumpled tissue paper and flashlights to build an indoor “fire.” Gather club members and leaders around the fire. Sing club or camp songs. Have a time of sharing. Let volunteers tell:

  • something they enjoyed about club
  • something they appreciated about someone
  • something they learned

Children could complete the sentence “I’m glad (name) is our club leader because _________________.” Club leaders will feel encouraged as they listen to club members tell what they admire most about them.

Slide Show

Put together a slide show with pictures taken of club during the year. Add some music that talks about legacy or giving to the Lord. Show the slide show to the whole church, during an all-club event, or at a volunteer appreciation dinner.

Help Club Members Thank Their Leaders

Often club leaders enjoy gifts that come from the kids the most. Here’s a way to help kids learn be grateful. Give them the opportunity to help you recognize their club leaders at the end of the year.

  • Bound book. Let kids draw or write one reason they like their leaders or something they’re especially glad the leaders did this year for them. Get the pages duplicated and bound at a copy shop. Or simply put them in a three-ring binder.
  • Skit. Help the kids perform one for their leaders. Here’s an idea–have kids do a skit about leading a club meeting with one child taking on the role of the leader. Make it as humorous as you can.
  • Thank-you box. Set out a box with slips of paper and pencils nearby. Encourage kids (and parents) to write brief notes of thanks and put them in the box.
  • Cheer. Help kids make up a cheer or rap for club leaders.
  • Songfest. Lead the kids in singing leaders’ favorite songs for them.
  • Snack. Help kids prepare and serve a snack (or meal) to leaders. This could be before or after club or a church service. One club made Irish stew for their leaders, which also met requirements for their cooking award.
  • Photo album. Create albums with some of the club pictures you’ve taken throughout the year. Include a thank-you page with kids’ signatures.
  • T-Shirt or sweat shirt. Decorate a T-shirt with a big “Thank you [leader’s name]!” Then have the kids sign their names and decorate with puffy paints.
  • Club portrait. Take a group photo and let kids sign their names on it. Add a fun frame.
  • Flowerpot. For each leader, paint a clay flowerpot ahead of time and then let children sign and decorate it with markers or glitter pens. Have the children hand the flowerpots out to club leaders in a church service, along with a packet of seeds. Have the pastor thank the leaders for the seeds they’ve planted in the children’s lives.
  • Dollar store items. Let kids choose from a pile of inexpensive gifts. Have them wrap the gifts and attach a note that says, “I’m glad you’re our club leader because _______________” or “In club I learned _______________.”

Be sure to let kids know that their club leaders will really appreciate their words of thanks. Remind them of how much their opinions matter to their leaders and how much they matter to their leaders!