Here are some fun games to play in club as Thanksgiving approaches.

Turkey Chase

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 8+

Choose a “farmer” and a “turkey.” Other players stand side by side in three lines, holding hands. The farmer chases the turkey up and down and around the lines but not under or through joined hands. At your signal, players drop hands, turn to the right, and hold hands with the new players next to them. Give the signal often and unexpectedly. When the farmer tags the turkey (or after a certain time), choose a new farmer and turkey.

Thanksgiving Words

Age-Group: Grades 3+
Number of Players: Any

Write Happy Thanksgiving! on a chalk/dry erase board. Hand out paper and pencils. Divide players into teams. See how many words they can make using the letters in “Happy Thanksgiving.” They have five minutes. Then read off the words. Count how many different words the whole group finds.

Horse and Sleigh

Age-Group: Grades 3+
Number of Players: 8+

Ask children if they know that “Over the River and Through the Woods” started out as a Thanksgiving song. Sing during this relay.

Divide into teams, and have teams line up behind a start line. The first player on each team is the horse and holds a bell. The second player is the sleigh and put each foot in a shoebox (sleigh runners).

At your signal, each horse rings the bell and pulls the sleigh to the finish line. The sleigh and the horse trade places, and the new horse pulls the new sleigh back to their team. Then the next pair of players go, and so on.