Tell kids that giving to others this Christmas is like giving a gift to Jesus. Kids are naturally interested in what they’re going to “get” at Christmastime. One of these service projects may be just the thing to help them learn about giving.

Door Decorators

Offer to decorate doors for Christmas at a nursing home or children’s hospital. Take parents along for help and supervision.

Parents Day Out

Free up parents to go Christmas shopping without their kids. Have a signup sheet for parents to list kids’ names and ages. Help your older kids and youth prepare games and activities for a two-hour afternoon at church for the kids.

Donation Box

Explain to club members that some parents have a hard time affording gifts for their children at Christmas. Have club members decorate a large box to receive donations of gently used toys and clothes. Then encourage them to go through their belongings at home with a parent’s approval. If possible, take the whole club to the thrift shop or shelter where you will be donating the items. Option: Open this up for the whole church.

Treats for Younger Club Members

Kids will always enjoy making a snack in club to give to a younger club age-group. Be sure to save some for them too.

Cards for Seniors

Let club members make Christmas cards for seniors in your church or a nursing facility. As a twist, have kids ask for a prayer request and provide a stamped envelope addressed to the club. You may even find some new friends or pen pals this way.

Christmas Caroling

Practice a few Christmas songs together with your club. Then during club (or find a time outside of club), arrange to visit a nearby nursing home, assisted living facility for adults with exceptional needs or children’s hospital. Take parents along for help and supervision. Spread the joy of Christ’s birth through some good old-fashioned Christmas caroling.

Hat and Mitten Christmas Tree

Set up a Christmas tree in the church lobby. Have kids bring hats, mittens, scarves, socks, etc. and “hang” them on the tree. Donate the items hanging on the tree to a local homeless ministry.

Candy Cane Car Hop

Gather candy canes and attach a quarter sheet of paper that tells the good news of Christ’s birth using a candy cane. In a parking lot, place one candy cane on each car: hanging from the handle of the driver’s door or on the windshield. Be sure to be very cautious when passing out the candy canes. You may want to choose a parking lot that doesn’t have many cars moving (such as an office building in the middle of the day) or only take older kids and leaders with you. Let the younger kids assemble the candy canes so that they are still included. Or, assemble the candy canes at club, and have kids take home 5-10 each to distribute with their parents.

Christmas Decorations

Put up and take down inside or outside Christmas decorations for those who are unable to do so themselves.