Our prayer this year is that God would use Pioneer Clubs in the lives of kids and their families to guide them on the road that leads to life. May their continuing journey be blessed as they continue to grow in their faith.


While the theme verse this year is Psalm 16:11, here are some additional verses to share with your kids this year as you explore this “Road Trip” theme: John 14:6; Luke 9:57; Proverbs 20:24; Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 119:105.


  • Designate a prominent bulletin board in your church. Use pictures of cars or road signs to create a theme-based board. Add club pictures to show what is happening at Pioneer Clubs throughout the club year.
  • Create a series of road signs that club members can personalize with the theme verse.
  • Pass out name tags shaped like cars.
  • Use yellow duct tape in the middle of hallway floors to represent the lines on the road.
  • Make “Rest Area” signs for the bathrooms.


  • Personalized License Plates. Have club members design their own personalized license plates using the theme verse.
  • Pine Wood Derby. Host a Pine Wood Derby and have club members decorate and race their cars.
  • Make Your Own Cars. Give each club member a large cardboard box to decorate as their own car. Use for a “Drive In Movie Theatre” experience, or for car races.
  • Identify Parts of a Car and/or Engine. Learn what the parts of a vehicle and/or its engine are called and what their purpose is.


  • Tire Rolling. Divide into four teams. Give each team a tire. Players line up and have to roll their tire around a track.