This year’s club theme comes from Psalm 28:7. Use this encouraging verse throughout the 2011- 2012 club year to guide children in reflecting on all the ways they can fully trust in the Lord’s strength and protection in their everyday lives—and respond to Him with joy and thanks. Ideas:

  • Have club leaders start a club scrapbook to keep track of children’s prayer requests and answers to prayer.
  • Start a running list of times when kids have trusted God. Review it monthly and at the end of the club year.
  • Make up a club thank-you song to God for the ways He helps us.
  • Use the theme for special events, such as Pioneer Clubs Sunday and the Kids for Kids Hike.

Kick off your Pioneer Clubs Shield Sharers fundraiser with special activities that will encourage club members to understand that we all need God’s help and protection. By sharing Christ with others, club members can tell about the protection God offers those who trust in Him.

Download the logo and paste on a can (we recommend modge podge). Set out the can each week for club as kids arrive. Kids will fill the can with coins that they have collected each week throughout the year. You may wish to have a separate can for each group and have each group decorate their can. Or, you may wish to have each kid make and decorate their own can. They can bring the can home with them at the beginning of the club year and bring it back later on, or leave the cans at club each week and fill it throughout the year.