We believe it is vital for all the children in club to get the most out of studying the Bible, whether they’ve never opened a Bible before, or whether they’ve been in church all their lives. Both types of kids need to experience how God’s Word applies to their everyday life. Bible study and life application are keys to Bible lessons. So how do you help unchurched kids catch on?

  • Ask “Opinion” Questions – Your unchurched kids may not be able to tell you why the Jews looked down on the Samaritans, but they can express opinions on the subject! With a little practice, you’ll be able to think of “opinion questions” on the spur of the moment to relate to whatever topic you’re studying. (Make sure that your club environment is a “safe” atmosphere for kids to answer these questions.)
  • Ask “Modern-Day” Questions – Helping kids relate a Bible story or passage to a current situation will help them think more deeply about it – without needing extra Bible knowledge.
  • Find Verses Ahead of Time – As children arrive, help them find the day’s verses in the Bible and mark them with paper clips or bookmarks.
  • Use Peer Helpers – You might want to match up unchurched children with children who are knowledgeable about the Bible and call them “Bible buddies.” They can look up verses together during lessons.