Theme: We can make a difference by appreciating our family

Scripture: Ruth 2:11-12; background: Ruth 1-2

Do Ahead: Bring a digital camera or a cell phone.


Let’s pretend we’re all one big family and we’re taking family pictures. Show camera. They will be pictures about feelings. I will show you what I mean. If I call out, “Happy family,” everyone will strike a happy pose (you strike pose) and I’ll take the picture. If I call out, “Crazy family,” everyone will strike a crazy pose (you strike pose again) and I’ll take the picture. You can just stay where you’re sitting. Ready? Happy family! Take picture.…Sad family! Take picture.…Excited family! Take picture.…Mad family! Take picture.

You can come see the pictures I took later. Now let’s think about real families. Real families have feelings, too. Sometimes family members are excited, or nervous, or disappointed, or mad, or happy.


If we could have taken a picture of one family in Bible times, they would have looked like this. Strike happy pose, pointing the camera at yourself. In the Bible story, a woman from Israel named Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth had been living in the country of Moab. They were happily married to their husbands and thankful to be a family. But then things changed. Strike sad pose, pointing the camera at yourself. Naomi’s husband and sons died. One son was Ruth’s husband. So Ruth and Naomi were both very sad. Ruth was from Moab. But Naomi, who was getting old, decided to move back home to her country of Israel. Ruth said she would leave her home in Moab and go with Naomi. They moved to Israel, and Ruth took good care of Naomi. People in the town noticed. This is what a respected man said to Ruth. Read Ruth 2:11-12. Boaz realized that Ruth appreciated her mother-in-law and gave up a lot to care for her. He liked Ruth so much that he married her and took care of Naomi, too. Now their family picture would look more like this. Strike happy pose, pointing camera at yourself. Ruth let it show that she loved and appreciated Naomi. She made a difference in her family. You and I can make a difference in our families by appreciating them, too. Our families have happy days, sad days and exciting days, just like all families. We can find ways to show love and appreciation every day—by helping out when needed, by playing and sharing, by giving a card or even just a smile. I’ll name some types of family members. As I do, think of ways you can show your family members you appreciate them. Slowly name: Dad or the person who’s like a dad to you…sister…grandma or grandpa…mom or the person who’s like a mom to you…brother…aunt or uncle…. Did you think of some good ideas? Try to do that idea at home this week. I’ll take another picture of you again. This time show me how your family may feel when you show them you appreciate them. Let kids pose, and take the picture.


Dear God, thank you for our families. Help us to show we love and appreciate them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  • How do you like family members to show they appreciate you?
  • What difference do you think it could make in a family if family members make an effort to show each other they appreciate each other?
  • If family members know you care, why does it matter if you say or show it?

From Talks that Teach (Item #2725)