Assist your leadership team in feeling valued and full of purpose in the kids’ ministry. However, you don’t need to achieve this alone! Utilize these ideas to foster an appreciation culture.

  • Encourage leaders to inspire each other! Affix an envelope for each leader to a poster board and inscribe their names on the envelopes. Position vibrant notecards and pens near the board, allowing leaders to write uplifting notes to each other throughout the year. Consider inviting kids or parents to write notes too!
  • Organize an “encouragement circle”. Sit in a circle, and focus on one leader at a time. Let two or three others share words of encouragement for that person. Toss a ball of yarn to each speaker who will hold onto it until you’ve completed the circle, creating a web.
  • Engage in fun activities! Opt for mini-golfing, dining out, watching a movie together, etc. Choose an activity your leaders would enjoy, and spend quality time together outside the club environment.
  • Provide each leader with a sticker saying, “I’m a Child Discipler”, “I’m a Difference Maker”, “I’m a Kidmin Leader”, or “I’m a Pioneer Clubs’ Leader” to wear on a Sunday morning. Urge the congregation to thank anyone wearing that sticker for serving our kids.
  • Towards the club year-end, ask leaders to write reasons why a specific leader should be “leader of the year”. Acknowledge that leader during the year-end club celebration, mentioning several comments made by the other leaders.