Draw a Tree

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: Any

Each player gets a sheet of paper with the outline of a Christmas tree in the middle, allowing space top and bottom. Have two dice and lots of markers to share. On the board, write:
1—color the outline of your tree
2—draw round ornaments on your tree
3—draw a tree skirt
4—draw lights on the tree
5—draw a present under the tree
6—draw a star on top of the tree
7—write Merry Christmas above the tree
8—draw a wreath above the tree
9—draw a Christmas cat climbing the tree
10—draw a tree stand
11—switch papers with the person sitting on your right
12—write the year below the tree

Players take turns rolling the dice and drawing the corresponding part of their picture. If they roll the same number on a subsequent turn, they can embellish or just wait for their next turn. Whoever finishes the picture first wins a candy cane.

Christmas Matching

Age-Group: Grade 3+
Number of Players: Any

Call out the following adjectives, one at a time. Players write down on their own piece of paper a Christmas-y noun (or noun phrase) that they think goes best with the word. When everyone has written a word, count how many people matched. For instance, if four kids wrote “Christmas tree,” those four get four points apiece. In the same round, if two people said “wreath,” those two get two points, and so on.