Life has a way of changing. Sometimes we see those changes coming from a distance and sometimes they spring upon us without warning. But one day life will change and even the most dedicated Pioneer Clubs coordinator will no longer be able to lead the ministry they love. When this happens, it often results in churches ending their Pioneer Clubs program and children no longer having a club program to attend.

In light of this reality, here are some steps you can take to ensure that years from now the children in your church and community continue to have a club program years from now—even if you are not a part of it.

1. Build strong connections with parents, church staff members and your congregation.

Every week you get to experience firsthand the influence that Pioneer Clubs is having on the children that attend. Parents, church staff members and members of your congregation often don’t realize the impact that your club is making in kid’s lives. Staying connected and communicating regularly with these groups can build a deeper appreciation for and commitment to Pioneer Clubs. Some ways to do this are:

  • Decorate a special Pioneer Clubs bulletin board in your church and update it often
  • Send out a monthly newsletter that tells what is happening in club. Keep it simple but exciting
  • Have an open house during club and invite everyone to come see what’s happening in club
  • Plan a special program or organize a Pioneer Clubs’ Sunday at your church to highlight how God is working through your club
  • Be sure to tell your church staff and other leaders hear about children coming to Christ through club

2. Share responsibility with a strong leadership team.

Often coordinators feel they need to do EVERYTHING themselves and don’t want to “bother” others with their job.  If you want to see your Pioneer Clubs program continue to impact children for years to come, you need to put together a leadership team willing to share the load and invest their time to see that happen.  Be sure to give team members meaningful responsibilities and empower them to take leadership in the program. Once other leaders feel they have “ownership” of the program they are more likely to step in if you ever need to step down.

3. Identify a new coordinator (or two) now and start grooming them for your job.

Even though you may have no intention of stepping down anytime soon, it is never too early to identify one or two leaders who could take your place if life made it necessary for you to do so. Take time to teach them how club runs, let them help with placing orders occasionally, allow them to run a special event, have them assist in recruiting and show your appreciation to them often. Realize that as you take this step, life situations may require those you are training to step out of that role before you do. Be encouraged knowing that God may use them in the future because of the training you provided—and begin again with another person.

4. Pray regularly for God to transform children’s lives through club.

There are many things you can do to ensure your club program continues on without you for years to come—but none is more important than prayer. Be sure you don’t get so busy “doing” that you don’t make time for praying. Martin Luther, who spent two hours at the start of every day in prayer, once had an unusually busy day ahead. In looking at his schedule, he said, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” Take time to commit your children, your leaders, your club and yourself to God in prayer, knowing that it is He that will continue His work in the days ahead.