Chasing the Cat – Finish the Story Family Devotional

Riley yawned. Monday morning. Take the garbage out before school. Riley picked up the first garbage bag and opened the front door. A blur of black shot out between Riley’s feet.

“Bling! No!” Riley yelled. The black cat trotted across the grass to- ward the street. Riley went after Bling but she ran a few steps ahead. “Jesus, please help me!” Riley said. “I’m never going to catch her.”

Riley ran back to the house. “Jordan, help me catch Bling. She’s running away and I’m going to miss my bus.”

“Then I’ll miss my bus,” Jordan said and disappeared into the bathroom.

“Maybe I can sneak up on her,” Riley thought. Riley started cautiously across the grass, looking everywhere except at the cat and pretending not to be interested in the cat at all. She was still crouched in one place, tail swishing. Two steps away, one step—and Riley pounced.

“Mrrrp!” said Bling.

“Gotcha!” said Riley.

The bus was just coming around the corner when Riley plopped the cat into Jordan’s arms and ran for the door. “You are sooo lucky,” Jordan called.

Bible Exploration

Read James 1:17a. This verse is talking about God.

  • From this verse, what can you tell about what God is like?
  • When someone gives you a gift, what do you do in response?

Make up an ending for the story, showing how the verse could make a difference for Riley. Then read the possible ending.

Memory Verse

James 1:17a

Ideas to Do as a Family

  • Have a “thanking time.” First take turns naming good things that have happened to you this week or this year. Think of little, ordinary things (like having a cat or dog who loves you) and big, special things (like getting a raise in your allowance). Then remember they’re all from God, and thank Him.
  • Write “thank you” notes. Have each family member think of one person within your family and one person not in your family and brainstorm one or two ways they are thankful for them. Write thank you notes to let them know and send them through the mail.
  • Make a calendar or timeline of the past year of things that have happened in your family. How did God work? What can you thank God that He did this year? Try to come up with at least one thing for each month during the past year and write a phrase or draw a picture to help you remember each one. Spend some time in prayer to thank Him.
  • Sing a song of thanks. Choose a worship song that expresses thankfulness to God for who He is and what he has done. Play it and sing together as a prayer to God.


Thank Jesus for loving you so much that He wants to do good things for you.

Possible Ending

Riley hesitated, remembering the prayer when Bling was loose. “Not luck, I prayed!” Riley called back and ran for the bus. As the bus chugged away, Riley imagined Jesus smiling. There was just enough time to say a prayer of thanks before Riley’s best friend got on at the next stop.

What’s the Point?

Riley realized that the good gift of catching the cat in time to make the bus came from Jesus. Riley took time to thank Jesus for helping.