Balloon Relay

Age-group: Pre-K and up
Number of players: 4+

Each team gets a balloon. The first player on each team kicks the balloon to the goal line and then runs the balloon back to the next person in line. Each player repeats the action.

Variations: Players keep the balloon in the air by tapping it to the goal line. Players kick the balloon back to the start line instead of running it back.

Penny Relay

Age-group: Grade 1 and up
Number of players: 4+

Each team needs a lot of pennies and a bucket set about 7 paces from the start line. The first players walk to the bucket with a penny on their foot and drop the penny in the bucket with no hands. Then they run back to touch off the next teammates. After 2 minutes, see which team has the most pennies in their bucket.

Variation: If the group is small, players may play individually instead of in teams.