The DELTA program and curriculum is our most flexible material for kids. It features multi-age curriculum which specifically involves children of all ages (ranging approximately from kindergarten through 6th grade) memorizing the same Bible verses each night, studying the same Bible lesson, playing games together, learning life skills/doing activities together (for example: learning how to cook an omelet, how to sew, or how to navigate with a compass) and earning awards at the same pace.

There are two format options for structuring your DELTA club time. In the samples below you will see that they both present the same lesson, but the teacher material is divided differently. If you like, you can look at both formats to compare and find the best fit for your group.

During the Bible study and application portion of the lesson, each child can work in an age-appropriate handbook (3 different age options) adapted for skill levels. These can be used with the All-in-One format during their discussion time or with the Large group format in the small group break down time. With these DELTA materials there is a lot of flexibility possible in how you structure your club, allowing you to work with any sized group of children.

DELTA’s Handbook/Small Group Levels

  1. Hiker (1st-2nd grades)
  2. Adventurer (3rd-4th grades)
  3. Navigator (5th-6th grades)

DELTA All-In-One Program

The All-In-One format of DELTA is ideal for groups of 4-15 elementary kids who are planning to keep mixed ages together for the whole meeting.

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DELTA Large Group/Small Group Program

The Large Group/Small Group format of DELTA is ideal for groups of 15+ elementary kids. Due to the flexibility of the program, you may choose to divide kids into age- or gender-specific groups for the whole meeting time or portions of the meeting time. The sized group, number of leaders and available space may determine how you divide your kids.

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