BOLT offers you total flexibility to design a kid’s Bible club based the time you have available, what your kids need and the volunteer skill sets that are available in your church. This curriculum can help churches of any size minister to multi-age levels in a large group while retaining important small-group relational time. BOLT makes it possible for all of your children to learn the same Bible lesson each week.

Each component of BOLT, both Bible Exploration and Life Skill Training, are split into 4-6 lesson units, allowing you to hand-pick which Bible unit and/or which life skills match the gifts of your volunteers and the interests of your kids! BOLT can be used for a four to six week club program, Sunday morning Children’s Church, Sunday morning kid’s pull-out during the sermon, summer Church camp, life skills training, large group/small group Bible study, kids programming for a weekend retreat or conference, or more. Run one unit for a short period of time, or combine units to fill your calendar all year round! Kids earn certificates of achievement for completing life skill training activities.

Below you will find a sample lesson from both the Bible Exploration and Life Skill Training components, a scope and sequence chart with the list of Bible Exploration and Life Skill units currently available, a deeper description of the BOLT program, a chart with a variety of suggestions with ways to use the BOLT curriculum and a chart with badge recommendations for each unit.

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