Children who feel out of control thrive in environments where they know what to expect. Here are 3 tips for creating this kind of environment.

  1. Have a “preview” day before club starts. Invite kids to come explore the rooms where you will have club and show them where they will be doing certain activities (this is where we will have our Bible Exploration, this is where we will keep your handbook, etc.). Have kids and parents meet the leaders so that they will be familiar with them once club starts.
  2. Find images online or take pictures during a night of club of each part of the club night (such as worship, handbook time, Bible Exploration, skill activity time, etc.). Print the pictures out and hang them on a wall in your club room. Add one to two words to describe each part of the club night next to the pictures. Leaders and kids will be able to point to these throughout each meeting to see what’s coming next.
    • Pro tip: Use sticky tac or magnets to be able to change out different activities or adjust the order for a special night of club.
    • Alternative: Place these pictures and phrases in a binder or booklet. Keep it in the back of the room, so kids or leaders may reference it.
    • Verbally remind kids what to expect next. Establish clear expectations for each part of the meeting (running is okay in the gym during games, but not during the Bible Exploration, etc.).
  3. Give parents a schedule of what you do in a typical night of club and be sure to communicate ahead of time when you’re doing something different during club. Parents will be able to talk with their kids on the way to club about what to expect that night.