What Is a Pine Car Derby Event? 

Pine Car Derby Events are generally hosted once a year or every other year by clubs. Club members have the opportunity during the weeks leading up to the derby to build and decorate their pine car. During the event, club members have the opportunity to race their car against other club members’ cars. Clubs may also include competitions for car design and creativity.

Why Host a Pine Car Derby Event? 

Pine Car Derby Events are great for a number of reasons. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Parent Involvement – Club members may take their pine cars home to work on in the weeks leading up to club. Many parents and club members have enjoyed the quality bonding time and working together while building and designing their pine car.
  • Church Involvement – This is a great event for getting members of your church involved in club activities. Invite some men from the congregation for a pine car work day to assist club members in carving/building their cars. Invite the whole church to participate in the pine car derby to connect with visitors, provide snacks, assist with the race and more! Some clubs even include an adult category/round for parents or others in the church to join in with their own cars.
  • Outreach – A Pine Car Derby Event is wonderful way to invite club members’ families and friends into a neutral setting and welcoming environment. This is a great time to connect with families and build lasting relationships.
  • Tradition – Every year, club members look forward to building and racing their car. Traditions give kids a sense of security, unity with the group, anticipation and excitement. Kids who are not old enough to participate look forward every year until they are able to design and race their own car. Some clubs even include an alumni car round where participants from previous pine car derby events can race their cars again.
  • Life-Skill Building – Club members learn valuable skills while participating in a pine car derby. They learn woodworking, time management, cooperation, how to handle competitions, and more! Pine Car Derby Events are also a great time for kids to showcase their creativity!

What Do We Need to Host a Pine Car Derby Event?