Invite parents, grandparents and other relatives by letting the children make special invitations to take home.


Use the downloadable Pioneer Clubs Sunday 2013-2014 logo to create promotional items.

Post announcements on your church’s website about Pioneer Clubs Sunday events.

Email reminders to church members and invite them to attend the special worship service. Ask them to pray for Pioneer Clubs Sunday.

Post flyers. If you are hosting a Pioneer Clubs Sunday special event, create flyers using the “shine the light theme”. Post the flyers throughout your community and schools to invite the public to learn about Pioneer Clubs. (Ask for permission from the business or organization.)

Distribute flyers to homes in your church’s neighborhood (if your community allows).

Send an announcement to your local cable access television station.

Ask members of your outreach ministry team to extend invitations to people they visit.

Send a news release to your local newspaper, cable TV station and radio station.

Invite parents, relatives and friends to Pioneer Clubs Sunday.