Ways to Participate

Have club members:

  • greet worshipers
  • read Scripture
  • usher
  • perform special music or a skit
  • show a video of club members in action
  • show a slide show of a typical club meeting
  • give a testimony of why they enjoy coming to club
  • collect the congregational love offering


Message ideas

  • Use the suggested theme verse for a Scripture reading, the sermon or other presentations.
  • Lead the congregation in a Bible Exploration from one of the Pioneer Clubs leader plan books to give them a taste of what kids learn in club. Choose a lesson that deals with living a godly life.


  • Have club members design a bulletin cover for Pioneer Clubs Sunday to reflect this year’s theme: “Direct my footsteps according to your word….”
  • Have club members finish the sentence “This year at club I’ve learned to follow Jesus by ______________.” Print the answers in a special bulletin insert.
  • Print the names of club members and leaders in the bulletin, and ask the congregation to pray for these individuals.


  • Have the “founders” of your Pioneer Clubs ministry or long-time leaders share about the prayer and planning that helped create an atmosphere where children are encouraged to learn how to make Christ Lord in every aspect of life.
  • Ask someone who became a Christian through Pioneer Clubs to speak briefly.
  • Have those who attended Camp Cherith®, the camping ministry of Pioneer Clubs, share how camp helped them grow in their relationship with God and others.


  • Have club members take a special Pioneer Clubs offering for your club. Share a portion of your offering with the national ministry, so that what is happening at your church can be extended to other congregations.


  • Designate a prominent bulletin board in your church. Use pictures to create a theme-based board. Add club pictures to show what is happening at Pioneer Clubs.

Coordinator Presentation

  • Present the purpose and goals of Pioneer Clubs as described in the leader plan books.
  • Invite interested adults to consider serving as volunteers in the Pioneer Clubs ministry. Have a sign-up sheet available after the church service or include a response form in the bulletin.
  • Have a club leader share his or her story of how being part of Pioneer Clubs has helped him or her grow in faith.
  • Share a life-impact story of how Pioneer Clubs has changed the life of a child at your church or in your community.

Prayer and Dedication

  • At some point during the service, have everyone involved in club stand or come forward.
  • Lead a prayer thanking Jesus for showing Pioneer Clubs members and leaders what great things God has done.  Ask that they continue to be a blessing to others and  to grow in their faith.
  • Have your pastor pray for Pioneer Clubs—both the local ministry and the national ministry as well.
  • Have the children lead the congregation in singing the Pioneer Clubs official theme song, “Thy Word.” Music is available in the front of all leader plan books. A split-track accompaniment CD is also available (shop our online store – club room resources).