Thank you for your interest in reaching the next generation for Christ. For more than 75 years, Pioneer Clubs has been working with and through local churches just like yours to evangelize and disciple children and youth. We would love to partner with you to impact your community for Christ.

As promised, you can download a copy of Reaching Your Community through Children’s Ministry by clicking the button below. It is our hope that you, and others in your congregation, will be encouraged and challenged to strengthen your children’s ministry as you read this booklet. And our prayer is that, whether through Pioneer Clubs or another program like ours, you will choose to step out in faith to expand your efforts to reach children and that God will work in a mighty way through your efforts for His glory.

We would welcome the opportunity to review our various programs with you and help you determine whether a Pioneer Clubs program is right for your church. Our materials can work with as few as 5 and as many as 500 children, so there is sure to be one just right for your situation. You can speak with one of our ministry representatives by calling 800-694-2582. We look forward to hearing from you.

May God continue to bless all you do for Him!

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Brian Ondracek



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