Product Description

BOLT is designed for grades 1-6 and works well for churches ministering to any size group of kids through multi-age large group lessons and small-group relational time. BOLT can be used as part of a short-term club program, after school club, children’s church, Sunday children’s ministry, summer church camp, or anytime that fits your church schedule. Handpick the Bible unit and life skills that best fit your current needs and the ones your kids would enjoy most, as well as the skills and interests of your leaders.

Life Skill Training provides fun with friends in a Christian environment as well as building life skills covering five general categories: arts and communication, hobbies and projects, outdoor activities, learning fun, and games. 

The Games 101 Life Skill Training Leader Guide is designed to help kids: 

  • Experience a positive, basic introduction to games.
  • Develop this skill through instruction and practice.
  • Complete the life-skill requirements with a level of confidence and competence that encourages them towards life-long learning.
  • Understand that there are others who enjoy and are interested in games with whom they can connect and share ideas.
  • See how games are connected to their faith and provides opportunities to serve others.

Includes supply lists and instructions to teach the Life Skill training for 4 weeks, with a bonus fifth week to serve others and sixth week to celebrate with an extra event.