Product Description

BOLT is designed for grades 1-6 and works well for churches ministering to any size group of kids through multi-age large group lessons and small-group relational time. 

The BOLT What Is the Church? Take Home Pages get to the basics of of what the church is all about. Introduce your kids to the church – not the building, but people who build others up, worship, serve and share Jesus with others. Whether you have kids who don’t know much about church or your church is in a time of transition, BOLT’s What Is the Church? is a great tool to help the next generation connect with why church is important to them!

This 4-lesson Bible Exploration unit can be used as part of a short-term club program, after school club, children’s church, Sunday children’s ministry, summer church camp, or anytime that fits your church schedule. This is a way to go deep and disciple kids in a short amount of time.

Use these Take Home Pages to reinforce Bible Exploration, application, memory verse and connect in a spiritual conversation at home. These are specifically designed to work well with Christian and non-Christian adults, supporting both in their parenting role and giving them an opportunity to engage in as much of a spiritual conversation as desired.