Product Description

BOLT is designed for grades 1-6 and works well for churches ministering to any size group of kids through multi-age large group lessons and small-group relational time. 

The BOLT Who Is Jesus? Large Group Planbook gets to the basics of Christianity. Invite your kids into a relationship with Jesus – who is fully God, our loving Savior, the One worth following, and a friend we can spend time with. This is a great way to introduce kids to the Savior for the first time or learn to dig deeper into what a close relationship with Jesus looks like.

This 4-lesson Bible Exploration unit can be used as part of a short-term club program, after school club, children’s church, Sunday children’s ministry, summer church camp, or anytime that fits your church schedule. This is a way to go deep and disciple kids in a short amount of time.

Each Bible Exploration has three sections: 

  • Introduction – meets kids where they are and gets them thinking about the lesson theme.
  • Scripture – gets kids into God’s Word to discover how it applies to their everyday lives.
  • Application – helps kids begin to see how what they’ve discovered in Scripture will make a difference in their lives.