Welcome! We’re so glad you care for kids enough to check out how we can help you share Christ with the children in your church and community. One of the programs below is sure to work for you. Fill out the form below for more information on each program, sample materials, and a promo code for 10% off your first order.

DELTA can be used with any number of kindergarten to 6th grade kids. This volunteer-efficient program keeps all elementary age kids learning the same core Bible lesson and engaging in the same skill activities and games during each meeting.

BOLT offers individually sold Bible Exploration and Life-Skill Training units which allow you to customize a program that works best for your church. BOLT is available both in print and as digital downloads.

Pioneer Clubs‘ traditional, age-specific program breaks children into 2-year age groupings so kids are always engaged in a
lesson or activity that is developmentally
appropriate for them.

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