Pioneer Clubs has been developing Christian learning programs since 1939. We believe it is important for kids to not only learn from material that is Biblically based, but also incorporates life skills into the program in order to develop well-rounded children.

As Proverbs 22:6 says, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

With the knowledge and training that both of these aspects provide, your children will be ready for any challenge life throws their way. Below are the 10 top life skills we recommend you incorporate into your children’s programs:

  1. Nutrition/Cooking – Balanced Meals, How To Read Labels, What Ingredients To Look For, Cooking Safety Tips, Baking Basics, How To Cook on a Grill, Etc. Eating right helps prevent sickness and diseases due to a poor diet and keeps them looking and feeling healthy.
  2. Physical Fitness/Exercise – Sports, Running, Walking, Games, Etc. Help your kids stay in shape for a long healthy life with fun games that include some physical exercise.
  3. Personal Hygiene – What kind of soap to use, skin treatment, brushing and flossing teeth, hair care, nail care, sun safety, health risks and more. Keep your children looking and smelling good with personal hygiene tips.
  4. Computer & Internet Basics – Typing, Creating Documents, Editing Photos, Searching the Internet, Etc. They can use these skills to learn more about their favorite subjects, career preparation and social media engagement.
  5. Communication – Friendly, Cheerful, Confident, Concise, Listening, Non-Verbal Communication, Sign Language, Gossip Prevention and more. Help your kids connect and engage with people to form better relationships.
  6. Manners/Social Skills – Table Manners, Church Manners, School Etiquette, Phone Courtesy, Proper Introductions and more. These skills will not only help your kid make more friends, but also keep them out of trouble too.
  7. Financial Management – True Wealth, Saving, Spending, Giving & Budgeting. Teaching children to manage their resources well at a young age gives them a strong foundation to build upon.
  8. General Safety/Self Defense – Car & Traffic Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid, How To Avoid Danger, How To Handle Bullies & Self-Defense Moves for protection.
  9. Nature/Outdoor Skills – Learn How to Use a Pocket Knife, Start A Campfire, Select & Setup a Campsite, Nature Art, Outdoor Projects and more. Outdoor skills can come in handy at camps and survival situations.
  10. Carpentry – Learn About & Practice Using Tools to Build Things. Building projects help kids learn to work together and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

If you could use some help putting together lessons and teaching these life skills to your youngsters, we have a whole bunch of resources to choose from on our website here.