Four Children Relaxing In Garden Hammock Together

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what curriculum and program to choose for your children at church. Here is a 10-point checklist to help you prioritize your ministry needs and decide what program is best for your children.

• Does it provide the Biblical teaching you want your kids to learn?
• Will you be able to run the program with the amount of volunteers you have?
• Do the lesson plans have creative activities that are easy for busy volunteers to use?
• Does the curriculum encourage children to use their own Bibles?
• Is the gospel clearly presented so children can enter into a personal relationship with Jesus?
• Is there a clear path for children to experience significant discipleship?
• Does the structure allow space for healthy intergenerational and peer relationships?
• Will children grow as whole people in different areas (spiritual, social, experiential, and physical)?
• Are club activities fun and meaningful to children?
• How much emphasis is placed on external rewards compared to intrinsic spiritual development and interpersonal relationships?

Pioneer Clubs has experienced ministry consultants to help churches like yours make these decisions every day. If you need any additional assistance in your search, we would be happy to help. Contact us via our toll free number 1-800-694-2582 or on our website via live chat and contact forms.