As you prepare for the start of the club year, looking at the budget is vitally important.

Basic costs for running Pioneer Clubs vary based on your membership status, the program(s) you are running, and the extent of the program you choose to run (bare essentials, standard program, full program).


While membership is optional, it offers a 25% discount on club materials and other benefits. Membership is an annual fee that includes a base fee of $40 plus $30 per club program that you are running (DELTA All-in-One, Scooter, Voyager, etc.).

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Leader Materials

Kid Materials

Other Costs

  • Club leaders need basic supplies such as pencils, glue, paints, markers, construction paper, and scissors.
  • Skill activity awards and games may call for other supplies. Many supplies you may have on hand or be able to borrow, but others may need to be purchased.
  • Additional costs may include things such as hosting special events, training leaders, appreciating leaders, etc.