How Do I Register?
Step 1: Add the Annual Charter Registration fee of $40 to your cart.

Step 2: Add to your cart one or more group membership options based on the club programs you are running. Each club program (BOLT, Voyager, Scooter, DELTA All-in-One, etc.) is $35. Memberships are an annual fee and need to be renewed each club year.
Why Become a Member Church?
Each partner church receives numerous benefits when it becomes a Pioneer Clubs member. Here are just a few:

Special Pricing and Products-a member church receives discounted pricing on every resource it purchases. Besides receiving a 20% discount on items related to the club they are running, there are specially priced product packages available only to member churches. Each member church also receives a 10% discount on all BOLT items. And there are some resources offered only to our member churches.
Ministry Support-our ministry consultants are available to answer any questions a member church might have. Our team also provides training specifically geared to the unique ministry situation you are facing.
Free Resources-all member churches receive regular emails that include leader resources, helpful ideas and free children’s ministry tools. Membership also provides passwords to access additional resources for coordinators and leaders.
Website Promotion-all member churches are included in our club locator which is found here.
Scholarship Eligibility-as a member church your students are eligible to apply for our Virginia C. Patterson Continuing Education Scholarship.
Extended Return Times-member churches receive an extended 30 days (60 days total) for returning materials and receiving credit back on their accounts.
Invoicing Abilities-after an initial registration and order are submitted, member churches may choose to invoice an order to pay within a 30 day period instead of with a credit card at the time of ordering.