Creating a Culture of Appreciation

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Assist your leadership team in feeling valued and full of purpose in the kids' ministry. However, you don't need to

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Listening to God on Your Life Journey

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Last night was my final night as the Director of Pioneer Clubs. It felt bittersweet--full of nostalgia and a good

Embracing Thankfulness

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The beginning of my thankfulness journey started with a painful conversation 22 years ago with an employee who told me

5 Ways To Start The Year Off Well – Guest Blog by Sue Bowker

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Summer Break is nearly over, and the calendar has flipped to reveal that fall is here. Parents are already planning

Looking For Volunteers?

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Volunteers can be challenging to find and keep. Sometimes it seems like we are trying to patch a boat that

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Keeping God Central

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You would think that keeping God central would just happen naturally.  You read your Bible and God is right there

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