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We know you’re passionate about ministry to kids!
And to help you reach the children in your church and community, Pioneer Clubs offers a proven midweek kids’ ministry program that is Bible-based, Christ-centered, relationship-focused and fun for kids and volunteers!

You can trust Pioneer Clubs® for application-oriented inductive children’s Bible study, meaningful Scripture memory and life skills development, all with an emphasis on discipleship and outreach.

Pioneer Clubs offers four unique midweek ministry formats.
Pioneer Clubs offers three unique midweek club formats to fit the specific needs of churches. Review each program and select the one that best fits your church. Not sure which one will be the best fit? Call and talk with a ministry consultant at 800 694 CLUB (2582).

Pioneer program - offers five age-specific club groups for children age two through sixth grade. Churches may conduct one or all five age levels and reach an unlimited number of children in a dynamic small group format. Two leaders per age-group are recommended. Materials include age-specific handbooks for club members and complete easy-to-use meeting plans for volunteer leaders. Churches find this the best overall format for teaching and outreach. Leaders enjoy the age-appropriate meeting plans and club member handbooks. Provides lots of skill activity options that allow leaders to periodically invite congregational members to assist with activity awards.

Pioneer program—for churches with 3-12 (or more) children per age division:

  • Skipper – ages 2 & 3
  • Scooter – ages 4 & 5
  • Voyager – grades 1 – 2
  • Pathfinder – grades 3 – 4
  • Trailblazer – grades 5 – 7

Depending on your church’s specific needs or preferences the Pioneer program can be run as a co-ed ministry under the name Pioneer Clubs® OR as gender-specific clubs using the names Pioneer Boys® and Pioneer Girls®.

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DELTA, our newest children’s ministry program can be used for churches with small or large groups. The program comes in 2 convenient format options an all-in-one format for churches ministering to 20 or fewer kids and the large group format for 15 to 500 kids that break into small groups.  DELTA can be used for weekly club programs, children’s church, children’s ministry, summer church camp or anytime that meets your church’s ministry needs!

This is a flexible program. The kids’ handbooks stay the same whichever format you’re using, and only the leader books change. So if you begin with a small group of kids, and your club grows (which we hope will happen!), you keep the kids handbooks and only order new leader large group materials. Simple, convenient and cost-effective!

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Discovery program

for churches with up to 12 children between grades K-6 Discovery program is the small-church solution to children’s ministry. Designed specifically for churches with up to 12 children spanning grades K-6. All ages meet together with one or two leaders. Material includes age-appropriate handbooks for club members and easy-to-use meeting plans for leaders that also give special suggestions for handling this multi-age-group club format.

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Overview of Our Programs

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